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PackageRoute Route Navigation and Optimization Tools

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Our route navigation tool will optimize your delivery route like a logistics pro. In less than 20 seconds, it will generate a turn-by-turn itinerary that minimizes mileage, left turns and time spent in traffic, while accounting for road closures and variable speed limits. Stop sequence numbers help you tackle pickups and drop-offs in the most efficient order, and you can easily exclude completed stops or optimize just a subset. The optimized route ensures you hit your pickup window times so customers receive their packages exactly when promised.

PackageRoute’s powerful algorithms and simple route optimization and route navigation functionality works for fleets of all sizes, helping you to maximize efficiency and profitability on every trip.

  • Optimized route planning

    Optimized routes that save time, conserve fuel, and reduce wear on your vehicles

  • Tailored stop sequencing

    Optimized stop sequence ensures you tackle your deliveries in the most logical and time-saving order

  • Turn-by-turn route navigation precision

    Receive clear, concise turn-by-turn directions that leave no room for confusion

  • Universal Map Annotation

    Create custom map pins on PackageRoute. Highlight the best places to park, community gate codes, and pinpoint restroom locations with ease for your entire operation.

  • Travel mileage insights

    Cut down on unnecessary miles with our travel mileage calculator

  • Reduced left turns

    Reduce the chances of delay and accidents with strategically planned routes

  • Dynamic adjustments

    Respond in real-time to road closures, traffic patterns, speed limits, and critical pickup window times

  • Re-optimization flexibility

    Re-optimize previously charted paths or focus on a smaller set of stops with just a few clicks

  • Universal functionality across roles

    Team-wide cohesion is crucial for coordinated delivery

  • Assigned sequence numbers

    Streamline your delivery process even further with assigned stop sequence numbers, aiding drivers in effortlessly navigating through their route

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This is one awesome set up. I am in an area I don’t know and I’m flying through the day because of your software.



My guys love this App. Drivers can depend on the accuracy and efficiency and the team can share info and help each other even when another route is unfamiliar.



I tell you, I love your product. Yesterday I did 148 stops in 6 hours and I have never done that before.



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