PackageRoute Live

Last Mile Delivery Platform

Streamline P&D operations

Boost driver productivity


Powerful metrics, Comparisons, Rankings

Track your labor and productivity

Find your top and bottom performers

Breakdowns by Work Area and Driver

See your operation like never before

FREE analytics through Peak

Fleet Service

Keep your trucks running smoothly

Schedule upcoming maintenance

Keep track of past services & costs

Exportable MMR reports

Mandate Accountability

Don’t chase after your drivers to take their safety courses. Require them to complete their training before starting their route.

High Level Perspective

Monitor completed and upcoming training requirements. Track safety course completion for your whole operation at a glance.


Keep drivers compliant with industry leading driver safety training. Lower your indemnification liability. Safer drivers. Fewer accidents.

More for Less

Get FleetResponse Safety Training for an exclusive promotional price - up to 25% OFF.

Always up to date

Your route manifest updates automatically as packages are scanned to your truck.

See up to the minute status for every pickup and delivery.

Cure exceptions before it's too late.

Day One Productivity

Get your new drivers operating at PEAK performance

Hit the ground running with turn-by-turn directions and automatic manifests

Service every stop without a worry.

Web and Mobile Apps

Any device, anywhere.

Simplify scheduling 7 Day Shifts

Plan out weekly shifts with integrated scheduler

Generate new schedules from your manifests and timecards

Instantly distribute to your drivers

Stay compliant

Automatically cure timecards

Notify staff of schedule changes by email

Exportable timecards

Printable schedules

Handle No-Scan & Misload Packages

Add unscanned packages to your manifest

Audit your delivery load in minutes

Transfer Stops between Work Areas

Fully Integrated

Your route manifests are updated, plotted and organized through the sort, as packages are scanned to your trucks. Coded status instantly updated as stops serviced by your drivers.


It’s not just a catchy tag line, it’s in our DNA. We continuously work with hundreds of ISPs to understand and simplify the life of every stakeholder - Drivers, BC and AO.

Grow your business

Track and manage operations in multiple stations. Help your buddy across the belt or grow your operation across the country

Manage from anywhere

Track, monitor and manage your operation from where ever you are, using your laptop, tablet or phone. Everything about your operation is always in sync.

40M+ packages delivered every month

1.4M+ stops serviced every day

8K+ users rely on PackageRoute daily

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Stations where one or more FXG Contractors are using PackageRoute everyday

This is the best tool for any P&D Contractor. Great product and responsive customer service, all at a fair subscription price.

Michael W, AO, Station 947

  • Measurable Returns

    Get new drivers up and running faster. On average, with PackageRoute you will increase your stop service rate by 3-5 more stops / hour.

  • Reliable Support

    Our priority is to keep your operation running smoothly with responsive, knowledgeable support. Real people pickup the phone and answer your messages.

  • No Contracts

    We earn your business everyday. Stay because you get value, not because you are locked in by long term contracts or bundling gimmicks.

  • Actionable Insight

    With always up to date information about every aspect of your assets and operation, you have knowledgeable insight to make decisions to increase your profitability.



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