PackageRoute Live

The app for ISPs to streamline their P&D operations


Comprehensive Route Optimization

Optimize your complete route with one tap

Includes pickup window times

Simple, Fast, Accurate

Handle No-Scan & Misload Packages

Add unscanned packages to your manifest

Audit your delivery load in minutes

Transfer Stops between Work Areas

P&D Scheduler

Simplify scheduling 7 Day Shifts

Plan out weekly shifts

Generate from your manifests and timecards

Instantly distribute to your drivers

Continued Innovation




Driver Logs



1M Stops



Free Sundays



























Scan Stops



Handle No-Scan and Misload packages

Eliminate another hurdle for a speedy dispatch. Scan package tracking IDs using your phone camera to add packages or transfer stops between routes

Why PackageRoute?

Live & Real-time

See up to the minute progress for all your routes. Always know where your drivers are. Resolve exceptions before it’s too late. Keep your service numbers high.

Fully Integrated

No uploads required. Your route manifest data is automatically updated, plotted, sorted and organized. One tap to find any stop or package detail.

By ISPs, for ISPs

Keep your hand on the pulse of your business. Manage from anywhere - your phone or the WebApp. Get insights to save time, and reduce expenses.

You are in good company

21M+ Stops serviced every month

1M+ Packages delivered every day

See why thousands of Contractors & Drivers rely on PackageRoute

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Stations where one or more FXG Contractors are using PackageRoute everyday

PackageRoute in 60 sec
For Drivers
  • Comprehensive Route Optimization

    One tap to Optimize your FULL route

  • No-Scan & Misload packages

    Scan any package to Add and Transfer stops

  • Empowered drivers

    See your manifests before getting to the terminal

  • Immediate productivity

    Get new drivers producing from day one

  • Smarter navigation

    Service new neighborhoods or rural routes with confidence

  • Successful deliveries

    Correct stop mis-plots and PackageRoute will remember

For AOs and BCs
  • No manual sync or uploads

    Don’t waste time manually syncing or uploading manifests right before dispatch, when you are busiest

  • Live route status

    Monitor all your routes with up to the minute status

  • Time tracking comes FREE

    Don't pay for an extra service

  • Integrated Shift Scheduler

    Manage employee schedules with ease

  • Flex right from your phone

    Conveniently analyze tomorrow’s inbound load the evening before

  • Stay in compliance

    Log Pre-trip inspections and HOS without a worry

More Value
  • Easier to operate

    Tribal knowledge about your routes is no longer just in the heads of your veteran drivers. So any driver can successfully drive any route on any day. Makes your routes easier to operate, hence they are worth more.

  • Weekends are FREE

    You have a lot being thrown at you with 7 Day delivery obligations. Use PackageRoute App to run ANY of your routes on weekends, whether that route is subscribed or not.

  • No hooks or contracts

    Don't get locked. No startup costs for special devices like garmins or iPads. Use with the phones you already have. Pay less per month and get more value to run your P&D operation.

  • Get business insight

    Get unprecedented visibility into your whole operation. So you can get insights and identify how and what changes to make to increase your daily throughput across all your routes while decreasing your expenses.

Compare for yourself



No extra work

Your manifests are always up to date, in real-time. No uploads required right before dispatch when you are busiest

You lose time and money entering stop data or uploading two manifest files and gpx files for every route, every day

Realtime, accurate serviced stop counts

You see what FedEx sees, not what your driver enters. Serviced stops are reported in real-time. These are 100% verified as reconciled by FXG to match your weekly payments

Your driver marks a stop as "completed" in their App, but you don't see actual serviced stop counts as verified and reconciled by FXG

No contracts

Pay less per month and get more value to run your P&D operation. No contracts or special devices required

You get locked into a long contract or lease term for a product that does not fully meet your requirements

FedEx compliant user authentication

PackageRoute is a FedEx Approved vendor. Our App is certified and safe to use. Only FXG authenticated users can use the App, protecting your Operating Agreement

Beware of Apps from Grey Area Vendors. If they are not following FXG compliant authentication, you risk your Operating Agreement because you are liable if your route data is compromised or abused in any way.

How it Works


Sign Up

PackageRoute will discover all your routes, vehicles and drivers. Manage all your operations from a single account.

Assign Routes

Assign your drivers and vehicles to your routes. Your drivers will only see data for their assigned route.

Download the App

Use with any iOS or Android phone or tablet. Or any desktop browser. All your drivers need their FedEx IDs and passwords.

Manage from anywhere

Track and monitor your operation from where ever you are, using the browser WebApp or phone App

What it costs
$20/ route / month
50%OFF first month
Free2 week trial!
Less than $0.75 per day
Unlimited weekendsRun any paid or unpaid routes all Weekend, no extra cost
No contract
Subscribe to any number of routes you wish
No credit card required
No expensive hardwareUse with phones you already have
Return on investment

See for yourself:

PackageRoute should save a driver

between 30 minutes to an hour a day.

/ hr

PackageRoute users average 3-5 more stops per hour

PackageRoute pays for itself by the first

7 stops per month per route.



Wage Savings


Increased Revenue per Route


Increased Revenue, All Routes




x 7 hours / day

x 26 days / month

x $2.7 / stop

(your stop rate will vary

by your route and geography)

Sign Up

See your live manifests now,

no Credit Card required

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