Product Features

The PackageRoute Platform

Our all-in-one last mile product offers a comprehensive range of tools and features designed to streamline your operations and boost productivity for dispatchers and drivers.

PackageRoute Mobile App and Desktop App

Full Route Navigation

Optimize your entire route, shelf, zone, or custom selection. Minimize miles driven and save time. New drivers can hit the ground running by saving gate codes, apartment levels, custom locations.

Live Data

Your manifest updates automatically as packages are scanned, giving you up to the minute status for every pickup and delivery.


Drivers can clock in and out right from the app. Reference past driver shifts, and create manual Timecards for any employee. Export logged hours data and import into your preferred payroll application.

Shift Scheduling

Plan out weekly shifts with integrated scheduler. Generate new schedules from your manifests and timecards. Instantly distribute and alert your drivers.

No Scan & Misloads

Add unscanned packages to your manifest. Audit your delivery load in minutes. Transfer Stops between Work Areas and Trucks.

Fleet Services

Export Monthly Maintenance Reports, and track vehicle maintenance right from the app. Automatically calculates service cost estimates and save vendor information for future reference.

Driver Safety Training

Stay compliant with industry-leading driver safety training. Lower your indemnification liability. Safer drivers. Fewer accidents.


Get access to powerful metrics, comparisons, and rankings so you can easily track your labor and productivity. Find your top and bottom performers and see your operation like never before.

Fleet Service

Keep your fleet running smoothly with regular maintenance reports. Feel confident in the safety and reliability of your fleet.
PackageRoute Fleet Service Management
PackageRoute Timecards Tool


Eliminate costly errors with automated timecards for employees. Feel confident knowing your employees are being properly compensated for their work and their hours tracked for DOT compliance.

Insights & Analytics

Save time and increase efficiency with detailed performance metrics. Feel confident in making informed decisions for your business operations with detailed data at your fingertips.
Insights Analytics Tools

Shift Scheduling

Reduce scheduling conflicts. Gain peace of mind knowing your team is organized and efficient.​
PackageRoute Live Data Tools

Live Data

Get live updates on your shipments with real-time data from FedEx. Save time and eliminate stress by staying informed about your shipments every step of the way.

Driver Safety Training

Comply with industry regulations and avoid costly fines. Protect your drivers and ensure their safety on the road.​
PackageRoute-Driver Safety Training

No Scans & Misloads

Save time and reduce human error with automated manifesting and auditing. Free up valuable time to focus on other important tasks.
PackageRoute Devices


Routes start at $20/month

Our packages are customizable and affordably priced to help you reduce costs and increase driver productivity.

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