No Scans & Misloads

Ensure items get where they're supposed to go without a hitch

No more no scans and misloads means no more waste. Help your employees get home sooner by Ensuring that every item in your manifest is accounted for with precision and ease.

PackageRoute No Scans Misloads Tools

Maximize efficiency, minimize mix ups

Forget wasted time and lost profits from misloaded packages. PackageRoute’s No Scan Misloads solution helps you upload no-van-scan files specific to each work area so you can minimize scanning errors and keep your operation running like clockwork.

Get back on the fast track to efficiency with PackageRoute’s easy-to-use tool that puts an end to the headaches caused by no scans and misloads for packages on your delivery routes.

  • Seamless stop transfer

    Transferring stops between different work areas and trucks is a breeze, ensuring that your delivery schedule is streamlined

  • Upload no van scan files

    Upload files associated with unscanned packages directly into the system, no manual entries, no errors, just a clear, concise list of everything

  • Area-specific organization

    Tailor your system to match the unique requirements of individual work areas with upload van scan files that are curated for specific sections of your operations

  • Audit delivery load in minutes

    Quickly perform thorough audits of your delivery load freeing up more time for delivery tasks that matter

  • Structure by completion and training levels

    Driver Safety is meticulous in organization, arranging courses by completion date and training level to facilitate smooth operational flow

  • DOT License expiration management

    Minimize risks with timely management of DOT license expiration, maintaining legal compliance and preventing costly oversights

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