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Leading Last-Mile Optimization for FedEx Contractors

PackageRoute is a last-mile software company on a mission to equip FedEx Ground (FXG) Independent Service Providers (ISPs) with a solution that optimizes their daily pickup and delivery operations.

Our platform is mission-critical and provides contractors with visibility into their deliveries and supply chains. PackageRoute’s last-mile solution helps AOs and BCs accurately project their daily volume, streamline operations, and boost profitability.

Trusted by thousands of users since our release in 2019, we are the innovative market leader in supporting FedEx Ground delivery operators with their fleet operations requirements. With the PackageRoute app, users are able to efficiently deliver over 1.4 million packages daily.

PackageRoute is a member of the ASG, backed by Alpine Investors group of companies.

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ASG, backed by Alpine Investors, is a unique and fast-growing software business that buys, builds, and operates market-leading vertical SaaS companies. ASG believes deeply in the power of people and data to grow great organizations, and that sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources across its community of businesses drives exponential growth. Founders of leading SaaS companies continue to trust ASG to grow their businesses and build even stronger legacies for the future.

About PackageRoute FXG ISP Last Mile

Deliver on time and increase driver productivity with PackageRoute

Streamline Operations

Save time and money with comprehensive route optimization to meet time windows.

Stay Compliant

Increase your profits while staying compliant with FXG and DOT regulations.

Increase Margins

Accurately project your next-day volume, so you can increase your profits and maximize driver efficiency.

9000+ FedEx P&D Users

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This is one awesome set up. I am in an area I don’t know and I’m flying through the day because of your software.



My guys love this App. Drivers can depend on the accuracy and efficiency and the team can share info and help each other even when another route is unfamiliar.



I tell you, I love your product. Yesterday I did 148 stops in 6 hours and I have never done that before.



All-in-one Last Mile Delivery Management Software

For FedEx contractors who want more efficient routes from an all-in-one solution

Designed exclusively for FedEx Ground and trusted by thousands of users, PackageRoute offers essential last-mile support for your entire delivery route team.


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