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PackageRoute's all-in-one last mile solution equips teams with route optimization tools so they can efficiently and confidently navigate multiple FXG routes.

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Streamline FedEx routes operations with PackageRoute planning and optimization app
Last Mile Delivery Software for FXG Routes

For ISPs who want more efficient routes from an all-in-one solution

Designed exclusively for FedEx Ground and trusted by thousands of users, PackageRoute offers essential last-mile delivery support for your entire team.


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One platform to supercharge your P&D operation. Optimize driver dispatch, route planning, driver tracking and analytics in just a few minutes.

Streamline FedEx routes operations with PackageRoute planning and optimization app
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This is one awesome set up. I am in an area I don’t know and I’m flying through the day because of your software.



My guys love this App. Drivers can depend on the accuracy and efficiency and the team can share info and help each other even when another route is unfamiliar.



I tell you, I love your product. Yesterday I did 148 stops in 6 hours and I have never done that before.




We're ready to help with your FXG route optimization!

Optimizing your route is the key to cutting costs with shorter routes, building stronger bonds with drivers, and boosting profits while ensuring the sustainability of your FXG operation.
All PackageRoute subscriptions include essential route planning tools to assist in designing your FXG route with maximum efficiency.