Manage time off requests, time recording and reporting with Timecards

Say goodbye to timecard blunders with our automated solution that assures accuracy for everyone on your team. Show your appreciation for your team's hard work and most importantly safety, by ensuring every minute of their time is monitored and compensated accurately.

PackageRoute Timecards Tool

Time tracking simplified

Simplify driver timecard tracking and reporting with PackageRoute Timecards. With flexible pay periods, manual or automatic clock ins/outs, and timecard approvals, payroll data management efficiency is at your fingertips. What’s more, drivers can conveniently request time off and access their work history directly from the PackageRoute mobile app.

The Timecards tool offers enhanced operational visibility with optional AO/BC notifications on critical driver events, ensuring live access to route activities. Streamline your driver timecard management effortlessly with PackageRoute’s Timecards tool.

  • Full-feature mobile app access

    Convenient mobile app with intuitive interface

  • Clock in/out control

    Manual or automatic clock ins/outs option settings

  • Driver reporting and safety compliance

    Clock in compliance options for conditional manifest visibility

  • Daily summary reports

    Daily individual driver schedule and total hours summaries

  • Supply chain visiblity

    Enhanced visibility from optional driver event notifications

  • Flexible pay periods

    Set pay periods to match your preferred payroll schedule

  • Flexible time logging formatting

    Choose between hourly or time as fractions of an hour

  • Historical driver data

    Detailed history of driver hours with optional location event details for drivers and AOs/BCs

  • Time off request management

    Direct access to request and approve driver time off

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This is one awesome set up. I am in an area I don’t know and I’m flying through the day because of your software.



My guys love this App. Drivers can depend on the accuracy and efficiency and the team can share info and help each other even when another route is unfamiliar.



I tell you, I love your product. Yesterday I did 148 stops in 6 hours and I have never done that before.



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