Shift Scheduling

Keeping shift schedules organized, up-to-date and compliant has never been simpler

Say goodbye to the painstaking manual process and embrace the future of efficient, data-driven shift scheduling. Simplify complex scheduling, maintain legal compliance, and optimize your team's performance.

Driver Shift Scheduling by PackageRoute

Embrace efficient, data-driven shift scheduling

The PackageRoute shift scheduling tool keeps your drivers safe and legal by ensuring shifts comply with hours of service and commercial driver’s license requirements. It integrates with all your pickup, delivery and route data to generate shift schedules for both driving and non-driving employees.

Performance metrics and real-time visibility into shifts mean drivers instantly see when they’re scheduled to work. Customize shifts based on employee roles and needs. The simple, intuitive interface means you can create shifts in minutes, giving you more time to focus on growing your business while staying compliant.

  • Hassle-free HOS and CDL compliance

    Settings that take the guesswork out of compliance, significantly reducing the risk of costly penalties

  • Seamless integration with P&D service data

    Benefit from an intuitive solution that’s fully integrated with all P&D Service data

  • Real-time driver schedules and performance metrics

    Track the productivity of your workforce and monitor their adherence to shift schedules

  • Instant shift visibility for drivers

    Through a user-friendly interface, drivers will have immediate access to their schedules

  • Customizable shift roles for every team member

    Create and assign custom shifts, as well as define different shift roles for driving or non-driving employees

  • Data-driven operational insights

    Access insights, that help reconcile projected work with actual drive time ensuring alignment between shift times and pay periods

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This is one awesome set up. I am in an area I don’t know and I’m flying through the day because of your software.



My guys love this App. Drivers can depend on the accuracy and efficiency and the team can share info and help each other even when another route is unfamiliar.



I tell you, I love your product. Yesterday I did 148 stops in 6 hours and I have never done that before.



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