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Navigate the complexities of route management with ease and intelligence

Make every decision informed, every action precise with powerful insights into how to improve efficiency and productivity. Embrace the power of data and use PackageRoute's Insights & Analytics tool as your catalyst for operational transformation.

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Insight to amplify operational efficiencies

PackageRoute’s Insights & Analytics tool lets you visualize the metrics that matter most for your delivery business. Track key indicators like packages per hour, deliveries, pickups, exceptions and stops to optimize routes and monitor driver performance over flexible timeframes. Use the ranking system to identify top performers and areas for improvement so you can make operational adjustments that boost efficiency. Aggregate metrics show you the big picture while individual metrics pinpoint where to focus your efforts. Export customizable reports to share with your team and stakeholders.

With real-time data and customizable visualizations, Insights & Analytics gives you the information you need to maximize profitability.

  • Measure packages per hour

    Quickly identify peak performance times

  • Detailed deliveries and pickups tracking

    Monitor assignment completions with precision

  • Exception handling mastery

    Pinpoint areas prone to irregularities

  • Comprehensive daily stops analysis

    From first to last stop, get a macro and micro view of stops

  • Work area and route statistics

    Dissect data with tailored statistics for work areas and routes

  • Driver performance insight

    Encourage excellence with insightful driver performance metrics

  • Flexible review timeframes

    Choose the temporal lens that suits your strategy

  • Identify top performers

    Recognize using a clear and unbiased ranking system

  • Tailor-made reports

    Generate custom reports with the option to export, ensuring that you can share insights with stakeholders in a format that best suits your business needs

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