Fleet SERVIce management

Keep vehicles running reliably, safely and productively

Reduce downtime, save on operational costs, and enhance the longevity of your fleet. Keep your fleet running at its best with Fleet Service, the comprehensive fleet maintenance tool designed specifically for optimal fleet service management.

PackageRoute Fleet Service Management

Efficient and Streamlined Fleet Service Management for FedEx Ground ISPs

Efficient fleet service management is the backbone of any delivery operation. Extended downtime, unexpected repairs, and poor vehicle condition can sabotage on-time deliveries and client satisfaction.

Designed with precision for high-demand environments, PackageRoute’s Fleet Service tool equips fleet managers with the capability to effortlessly schedule routine maintenance and repair for all vehicles. It’s an all-in-one management hub, facilitating a comprehensive overview of service histories, specific truck details, and vendor contacts.

Centralize all aspects of fleet service maintenance — from tracking oil changes, monitoring tire rotations, to managing detailed service plans. And, with the added benefit of exporting monthly reports, ISPs can ensure their fleets demonstrate the highest standards of reliability, safety, and productivity.

PackageRoute’s comprehensive all-in-one management software is the perfect solution for FXG fleet  maintenance management. Fleet service covers it all, with custom service plans by truck type and usage, to assigning jobs to the right service and maintenance vendors – everything you need to keep your whole fleet shipshape.

Revolutionize Your Fleet Maintenance with PackageRoute’s Fleet Service Tool
  • Detailed vehicle list and information

    Keep an accurate and easily navigable vehicle list. Know the status and details of each truck in your fleet.

  • Customizable for all truck types

    Whether it's a semi, panel van or a box truck, Fleet Service is tailored to cater to the unique requirements of any truck type.

  • PreTrip and PostTrip Inspection Checklists

    Conduct DOT standard vehicle inspections or customize your own inspection checklist with Vehicle Check.

  • Tailored service types and plans

    Craft service types and plans that align with various vehicle demands, from preventive maintenance to emergency repairs.

  • Efficient scheduling and service records

    Record every service action as it happens, maintaining an up-to-date maintenance diary for each vehicle.

  • Comprehensive service history

    Gain full access to a detailed service history that lets you track past maintenance activities, ensuring you make informed decisions for future service needs.

  • Simple monthly maintenance reporting

    Generate and export monthly maintenance reports, simplifying the long-term management and operational efficiency assessment of your fleet.

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