Driver Safety Training

Keep your fleet compliant and safe on the roads

Bolster your compliance confidence, and drive your fleet forward with Drivers Safety Training. Integrated seamlessly with FleetResponse, our tool provides a robust foundation for fostering a culture of safety that not only protects your drivers but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

PackageRoute-Driver Safety Training

Greater safety, compliance and operational excellence

Driver training and safety compliance made simple. PackageRoute allows you to assign, monitor and manage all your driver training and safety courses from within one easy-to-use app. Courses are organized by completion date and training level, and you have full visibility into which courses are upcoming and which drivers still need to take required courses.

Stay compliant with DOT regulations with automatic alerts for expiring licenses, and track completion of safety training courses in a centralized location for your entire fleet. Take the hassle out of compliance with PackageRoute.

  • Driver training compliance monitoring

    Stay assured that your team adheres to mandatory training standards with Driver Safety's real-time compliance tracking

  • Safety training course completion

    Equip your drivers with the knowledge they need through safety training courses accessible directly within the PackageRoute app

  • Full visibility for upcoming courses

    With Driver Safety, plan and prepare for upcoming course schedules with ease, ensuring uninterrupted learning progress

  • Centralized monitoring and management

    Harness the power of a centralized hub to monitor and manage driver safety programs, delivering a cohesive oversight experience

  • Courses structured for seamless learning experience

    Driver Safety is meticulous in organization, arranging courses by completion date and training level to facilitate smooth operational flow

  • DOT License expiration management

    Minimize risks with timely management of DOT license expiration, maintaining legal compliance and preventing costly oversights

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