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Driver Tips: Using Filters & Zoom to Navigate

Quick tutorial on how to use filters to customize your MapView display. Use two-touch controls to zoom in, and get the best view of your stops.

Shift Scheduler Tutorial

This tutorial will provide an in-depth look into using the PackageRoute 7-day shift scheduler. Learn to generate shifts from Timecard and manifest data, or start one from scratch.

Manual Manifest Upload Tutorial

PackageRoute provides you with live manifests every day you deliver. Here's how to manually upload manifests when you need to.

Timecards Tutorial: Using Timecards in PackageRoute


Integrated Driver Safety Training Tutorial


Vehicle Inspection Checklists Tutorial

Create vehicle inspection checklists for your drivers, and keep your operation compliant.

Block Day Off Requests in PackageRoute

NEW Apartment-Level Delivery Locations - Tutorial

Create Historical Timecards in PackageRoute

Create Timecards for drivers who did not clock in/out in PackageRoute. Reference past driver shifts, and create manual Timecards for any employee. Export logged hours data from PackageRoute, and import into your preferred payroll software.

Use External Navigation Apps with PackageRoute - Full Tutorial

NEW: Insights & Analytics Tutorial

NEW: Fleet Service Tutorial

Export Monthly Maintenance Reports, and track vehicle maintenance right from the app. Automatically calculates service cost estimates; save vendor information for future reference.